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Random PlanetSide 2 Stuff


This webpage has a collection of things Sir Kane or I were interested in or were suggested by friends. If you have any feedback or suggestions please see Contact page.



There was a database disk failure and data was lost. In general there is two day rollback to data except for player statistics which had to be rolled back to the latest working version in April 1st. A little over three and half days of downtime.


Due to mistake I broke database and had to rollback 24 h 2 months. Oopsie!
Only "important" data that was lost was pretty much population numbers but even those seem to be screwed up lately due to recent server configuration changes.
Edit: Should not do things when tired. Rolled back two months instead... Population data is lost for 1.3. - 15.3.


Emailed API team about the PS4 US API situation. Waiting to hear back... maybe.


PS4 US API is broken and returns weapon statistics incorrectly for some players. Weapons are either missing kills or missing altogether. I have contacted API team but did have not heard back.
If your stats are broken, please let me know. I will collect a list of sorts to email to API team.


Waiting for several additions to API to do interesting things. Probably never.
Bases' control point status, timers and events
Bases' shield and generator status, timers and events
Region population

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