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Hitlist - PlanetSide 2



Hitlist provides means for a group of participants to "hunt" another group of players and get points for kills. A group bounty-a-like system if you will. Hitlist "contractor" can add hitmen and victims.

  • Hitlists that have not been viewed in a week will be purged.
  • Events stay for two days and only the latest 100 are displayed.
  • Target player points override target outfit points. If a player is 3p and his outfit is 1p, a kill is worth 3p.
  • Note: Players are not up-to-date so new outfit members may not be recognized as members.

For example: when outfit X added to participants and outfit Y to targets. Whenever member of outfit X kills member of outfit Y they gain points which are displayed on scoreboard. If member of X is killed by member of Y, it will be just displayed in the event log.

Created hitlist with following password.

Password: ? (to edit)
It will not be provided elsewhere so save it!

Code: ?


A headshot kill on a max that is worth 1p would award 3p instead. Killing infantry (worth 1p) as a max would award 0p.


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Outfits (/)

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